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AOL Tech is an 8-bit retro avatar builder, will eventually be a game avatars
If you've started to notice your Twitter friends looking a little blocky lately, it's probably because they've got trendy 8-bit avatars from This site lets you create a full-body 8-bit avatar in your own image, from hair color, glasses and facial hair down to the outfit you're wearing. The plan is eventually to let all these personal avatars participate in some kind of game experience, but hasn't yet said what the game will be.

Facial detail is obviously limited with only a couple dozen pixels to work with for each character's face, so sometimes it comes down to the clothes when you're trying to make your avatar distinctive. That shouldn't be a problem in the user gallery or in the mysterious forthcoming game, but it's a bit of a pain on Twitter. When all your friends have gone 8-bit, one brunette with glasses looks just like another.

I hope turns into an amazing game, but I also hope people stop using their 8-bit characters' heads as Twitter icons.

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