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Android in-app payments may finally launch in May

Android logoOne of the things developers miss when making the jump from iOS to Android is the lack of in-app payment support on Google's mobile platform. On iOS, this has long been a cash cow for app developers, and naturally they're looking forward to Android receiving the functionality as soon as possible.

Google has already launched a beta of the in-app payment system, but there was never a clear, set date to speak of regarding general availability of the product. And sadly there still isn't, however many clues are pointing towards a May unveiling during Google's annual developer event, I/O.

Jambool, a company that launched a virtual monetization platform and then got acquired by Google, has sent an email to its users this morning. In it, it's clearly stated that Jambool's product "will be discontinued in favor of a new Google in-app payment product in May 2011". Yes, this isn't an official press release from Google, but remember that this company is owned by Google, so this is probably as close as we're going to get to an official confirmation. Google I/O takes place on May 10 and 11, and it's where Google has made a habit of announcing new Android-related stuff, so that's probably when this solution will finally be made available to all.

An interesting fact is that at first, Google's in-app payment system is said to have fewer features than Jambool's does right now. Though presumably over time it will be improved and will at some point reach feature parity with the discontinued product.

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