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Tiny Wings for iOS is a simple, beautiful flying game

Tiny Wings is an iOS game from Andreas Illiger starring a bird, but it doesn't have much else in common with Angry Birds. For one thing, it's a lot prettier. For another, gameplay is less destructive and more relaxed. You control a bird with tiny wings who dreams of flying. All you have to do is put your finger on the screen to gather speed on the downhills, and then let go to watch your bird fly up the other side and catch air.

Aside from the very satisfying game mechanics -- who doesn't love hitting ramps over and over? -- the graphics and details in Tiny Birds alone would be worth the 99-cent price of admission. The levels are colorful, and the setting sun that serves as the game's timer is a very nice touch.

While it might not fuel your destructive id the way Angry Birds does, Tiny Wings is an addictive little game in its own right.

Tiny Wings

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