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MobileNotifier dramatically improves iOS push notifications, requires jailbroken device

MobileNotifier for iOS

One of the things that, while not broken, but surely ripe for some improvements in future iOS versions, is the notification system. Not the idea itself, which is great, but the way that notifications interrupt anything you're doing and demand your immediate attention -- unless you dismiss them, which means you may never remember that you've received a particular message.

MobileNotifier aims to fix that, being an open-source rewrite of the iOS notification system. And yes, it only works on jailbroken devices. Don't blame its developer for that though, blame Apple's tight control of its mobile platform.

If you do have a jailbroken iDevice then, MobileNotifier adds rather unobtrusive alerts that show up at the top of whatever it is you're doing (not in the middle of the screen, stealing focus, like the default behavior). However, while MobileNotifier alerts do allow you to simply ignore them and continue with what you were doing, the top part of the app you're in will become slightly unusable -- such as that top row of app icons in the example shown above.

Pending alerts are always found in the AlertDashboard, which shows up in the previously unused space above the app switcher that you can access with a double-tap on the Home button (see above right). Pending alert counts also show up as a one-line item on the lockscreen.

MobileNotifier is by no means perfect, and it's still in beta, but it's still miles ahead of the default notification implementation in iOS 4, at least in terms of features. Of course, every iOS device user out there is hoping that iOS 5 will have a revamped notification system. But in the mean time, if you've jailbroken your iPhone, give MobileNotifier a try. You can get it by adding this repo to Cydia. A demo video of MobileNotifier beta 3 is after the break.

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