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Facebook 'Like' button replacing 'Share,' world domination next

Facebook Like button
Facebook's 'Like' button has been a real success story for the social-networking giant. It's been spreading across the Internet like wildfire, with users 'Liking' everything from news articles to gourmet recipes. Now the Like button looks set to replace the Facebook 'Share' button, publishing full feed stories to users walls complete with headline, blurb and thumbnail.

Previously the Like button just published a link to the story to the user's profile, but now you can even comment directly on the story at the time of posting. This marks the biggest change to the iconic Like button yet, with Facebook using it as its Trojan horse onto every platform imaginable.

While some users are complaining that the Like button and the Share button fulfill distinct roles -- you might want to share a story about a government regime firing on unarmed protesters, but you certainly don't want to 'Like' it -- whether you like it or not, the Share button seems to be going the way of the dodo, having already been removed from the Facebook Developers page.

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