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Ubuntu 11.04 Unity keyboard shortcuts have a distinct Windows 7 flavor

Ubuntu's new Unity interface already drew some raised eyebrows because of its looks, which are arguably similar to the Windows 7 taskbar. Now, the Ask Ubuntu site has posted a list of Unity keyboard shortcuts -- and those take a cue from Windows 7 as well.
  • The super key, which typically refers to the Windows key on most standard keyboards, invokes the Unity Launcher -- on Windows, this would call up the Start Menu
  • Super + 1/2/3, etc. launches the app in that position on the Unity dockbar -- much like the Windows 7 feature
  • Super + D minimizes and restores all windows -- a hotkey combo in Windows since XP
So why the similarities? If you're trying to steal away desktop market share from the dominant operating system, it's not going to hurt if you make it easy for power users to get comfortable on your alternative OS. By implementing familiar keyboard shortcuts in Unity, Canonical is no doubt giving Windows users an Eric Idle style nudge in the ribs and saying, "C'mon, give us a try!"

With WUBI making it so easy to install and dual-boot Ubuntu from within Windows and an easy profile data import tool offered during setup, Canonical is doing its best to entice defectors.

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