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Sparrow Lite ad-supported email client lands in Mac App Store

sparrow lite now available in mac app storeSparrow, the slick-looking Mac email client that rocked the Mac App Store's sales charts earlier this month, isn't for everyone. But how do you know if it's for you without shelling out the $10 price of admission? That's where Sparrow Lite comes in.

Sparrow Lite is a free, ad-supported version of Sparrow that's designed to give you a feel for the app's unique approach to email. It's practically the same as the full version, but it does have its wings clipped a little bit: you can only use one email account at a time, and there's a mandatory "Sent with Sparrow" included in your signature.

So, if you're considering Sparrow as a Mac Mail replacement, but want to try it out before dolling out $10, check out Sparrow Lite in the Mac App Store.

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