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Opera 11.10 Barracuda adds infinite Speed Dial

If you guessed the unnamed-but-very-popular feature Opera was planning to overhaul in Opera 11.10 was the Speed Dial, buy yourself a beer! The browser's trademark new tab page has indeed been retooled. In the latest Opera 11.10 snapshot build, there's no limit to the number of Speed Dial entires you can add. Gone are the blank placeholder boxes from previous Opera versions, replaced with only active Speed Dial entries and an add button.

Opera has temporarily disabled Speed Dial sync in this build, and there are a handful of other known issues listed on the official blog post.

As for this being the "big secret" planned for the Opera 11.10 release -- Opera's Thomas Ford tells us "That's not the only improvement we have lined up for Opera 11.10, though. Speed Dial is just the first to get an overhaul."

Download Opera 11.10 build 2104 for Windows / Mac / Linux/FreeBSD

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