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HD games optimized for NVIDIA Tegra tablets arriving in Android Market

tegra HD games android
With an avalanche of Android tablets powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 2 on display at CES 2011, it stands to reason that game developers would start releasing titles which can tap the platform's 3D power. A search on the Android Market website shows that's now starting to happen.

Several Tegra-optimized HD games are now listed -- including Samurai II: Vengeance, Spectral Souls, Backbreaker football, Dungeon Defenders, and an HD version of Fruit Ninja. The games range in price from $3 to about $14.50.

The descriptions proclaim smoother 3D, more realistic textures, and an overall superior gaming experience -- and not just when compared to the original Android versions. Samurai II proclaims "even more visual stunning graphics and polished gameplay" than its iOS version.

Take the jump to check out some sweet gameplay footage!

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