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FaceTime hits the Mac App Store for 99c

FaceTime for OS X
Apple has just released FaceTime for OS X onto the Mac App Store. The app will take advantage of the 'built-in FaceTime HD camera' or any other iSight-equipped Intel Mac, to bring you Mac-to-Mac and Mac-to-iPhone 4 (or latest generation iPod touch) video calling over Wi-Fi. It supports up to 720p video for those soon to be released Macs sporting fancy new FaceTime HD cameras, or standard VGA for all others. FaceTime will even ring on your Mac when not running once installed, and will ring on any number of Macs all using the same Apple ID, making sure you're never going to miss a call.

FaceTime has been in beta for a while now, but this marks its first official release -- so if you're a fan of video calling, and have friends with Macs or iPhone 4s then head on over to the Mac App Store and pick up FaceTime for one cent shy of a buck.

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