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Banshee media player for Windows goes alpha

banshee audio video player windows
Banshee has been one of the top Linux media players for ages, and now the venerable audio and video app has officially made its way to Windows. The first alpha release of Banshee for Windows is now available for download, and it's exactly what you would expect: it's very true to the Linux experience, and it's got a few kinks which still need working out before it's ready for prime time on Windows.

Like any good media player, Banshee offers features like smart playlist, podcast, audiobook, and online radio support, ID3 tag editing, song ratings, track information lookup, full screen mode, system tray playback controls, and toast notifications.

Banshee media player for Windows alpha

Unfortunately, it's still rather rough around the edges. Banshee's features and equalizer caused numerous crashes, and the app eventually quit trying to play tracks after a handful of restarts. Rebooting Windows was the only way to get Banshee playing again.

Still, this is just the first alpha release! We're sure that things will improve quickly with future builds.

Download Banshee for Windows alpha (proceed with caution!)

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