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Watch live NBA and NHL games on YouTube? Google's working on it.

youtube watch live nba nhl games
According to a report from Bloomberg, Google is in active discussions to bring two marquee professional sports leagues to YouTube: the NBA and NHL. Google has already successfully shown IPL cricket matches, and is now moving on to European soccer leagues as well as the NBA and NHL. Bloomberg doesn't just cite "sources familiar with the situation," either. Rather, the confirmations come from two Googlers: Gautam Anand, director of content partnerships for Asia Pacific, and Brian Suh, head of YouTube Partnership at Google's Korean HQ.

The NHL seems like a no-brainer. Commissioner Gary Bettman is frothing at the mouth for expanded broadcast coverage, and YouTube could certainly provide that. Getting live NHL games on YouTube also wouldn't cost as much as some other sports, either, due to the league's relatively low position on the pro sports ladder in the U.S.

The NBA might be a tougher sell, and it would definitely be a more costly venture -- but one which could vault YouTube into a very competitive position in the world of broadcast sports. "It's fair to say that there will be a lot more appealing sports content you'll see on YouTube," Anand told reporters. "We have ongoing conversations with pretty much everyone."

The NHL's Gary Meager did not respond to requests to comment on the situation, and the NBA's Michael Bass only offered that the NBA is "pleased that YouTube recognizes the value of live sports." We'll have to wait and see what materializes, so for now don't go counting on YouTube to be your video feed for the 2011 Stanley Cup run or this year's NBA Finals.

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