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Linux Mint 10 KDE released; Mint 11 based on Ubuntu 11.04, but no Unity

Mint 10 KDE
Just a few days after the emergence of a release candidate, Linux Mint 10 KDE has been released. There are a few bugs (most notably, VLC is slow to open files), so be sure to check the full release notes.

Mint, which claims to be the 4th most popular desktop operating system (behind Windows, OS X and Ubuntu), prides itself on its elegance and out-of-the-box ease-of-use. With version 10, the only significant change is the addition of KDE 4.6, but the Software Manager and Update Manager have also received numerous tweaks. Adobe Flash 10.2 'Square' also makes its first appearance with Mint 10.

If you want to give Mint 10 a go, be sure to grab it from one of the mirrors, or use the 32- or 64-bit torrents -- the Mint site itself seems pretty slow at the moment, probably because of Mint's massive popularity...!

As far as Mint 11 goes, we now know that it will be called 'Katya', based on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, and released in May. Interestingly, Mint 11 will use neither GNOME Shell or Unity -- instead, it will use a traditional GNOME 3-based desktop layout.

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