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Final Cut Pro 8 could arrive from Apple this Spring

Apple's Steve Jobs has said in recent emails that Final Cut Pro, Apple's venerable video editing app, will be getting an "awesome" update for which we should all "buckle up," but that update could be coming sooner than we thought. Sources have told TechCrunch that Apple is now in the final stages of "the biggest overhaul to Final Cut Pro since the original version was created over 10 years ago."

Both the performance and the UI of the app have reportedly been improved, and word on the street is that it will finally go 64-bit. TechCrunch says Apple has also brought in a small group of professional video editors to test-drive the new app, which gives us confidence that the new version's going to be aimed at the pro audience.

By the way, that's a Final Cut Pro 7 screenshot up above. Unfortunately, no images of Final Cut Pro 8's UI have been leaked yet.

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