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webOS 2.1 arrives on original Palm Pre, unofficially

webOS 2.1 on Pre HP caused a veritable maelstrom recently when it announced that owners of the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, and Pixi wouldn't be getting an upgrade to webOS 2. The company then dangled an olive branch, saying that it would "do something" for those users, but never specified what that something might be.

PreCentral, however, has been tracking interesting results from HP's update checker recently and noticed that Palm devices on certain carriers were receiving responses other than "Sorry, Charlie." That provided a glimmer of hope, and now the webOS development community has made it official -- or unofficial, rather: webOS 2.1 is indeed coming to your Palm Pre or Pre Plus.

Initial results look very promising for the port, with forum members reporting success on the Sprint Pre and the AT&T and Verizon Pre Plus. Of course, there are plenty of reports of people experiencing trouble, too, so proceed with caution!

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