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Twitter for BlackBerry beta adds push notifications, threaded DM conversations

twitter for blackberry beta
Twitter for BlackBerry has a new beta release that adds some very important features, including push notifications for @mentions, direct message threading, and geotagging support. Twitter for BlackBerry 1.1 beta is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

The new push @mentions feature notifies you with a pop-up when you get a new @reply, and you can set it to work with any @mention or cut down on spam by only pushing messages from people who follow you. For private messages, the new chat-style layout allows you to easily keep track of longer direct message conversations. There's also a #topic autocomplete feature that will automatically complete hashtags you've posted or searched for previously. On top of these new features, Twitter for BlackBerry also has an updated look that matches the new

Sure, this a beta version, but the update looks like a must-have because of the pile of new features it introduces. At long last, the official Twitter client for BlackBerry is finally starting to catch up to the equivalent apps on other platforms!

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