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Microsoft Kinect SDK for Windows 7 available Spring 2011

Microsoft Kinect Windows 7 SDK
Impressed by the latest and greatest Kinect hack? Wait till you see what they can do with a full SDK.

That's right, Microsoft is about to unleash a full blown Kinect SDK for Windows 7. Developers will be able to utilize Microsoft's own drivers and libraries, giving them access to more than the raw camera data. The SDK will allow coders with more interest in what the Kinect can allow them to do, rather than how it works, to use the RGB camera, microphone array plus all the motors that move the Kinect around.

The initial release, scheduled for 'Spring 2011,' will be aimed at academics and enthusiasts, for use in non-commercial software. Microsoft will then firm up commercial licensing details later in the year for those who want to utilize the Kinect for paid-for software. Can you see Kinect-powered home automation? It's certainly going to be exciting to see what developers can create with full access to the device.

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