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SpellBook Google Chrome extension adds right-click access to bookmarklets

google chrome bookmarklet context spellbook
We're big users of right-click context menus, especially in our Web browsers. We also love bookmarklets -- those handy little JavaScript snippets that sit next to our normal bookmarks and provide extension-like functionality. Combine these two things, and you've got SpellBook, a new Google Chrome extension that provides right-click access to all your bookmarklets.

Just install SpellBook and use Chrome's bookmark manager to drop your bookmarklets into the folder the extension creates. Now when you want to fire up you favorite marklet, you can simply click your right mouse button, hover over SpellBook, and then click the one you want to execute. The extension also adds two-click access to the Chrome bookmark manager.

Looking for some handy bookmarklets to install, too? Check out our list of favorites -- and remember, they'll work in practically any Web browser!

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