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SendGenie offers simple drag and drop file sharing for Windows and Mac

SendGenie is a slick new app (currently in open beta testing) which makes sharing files and photos as easy as dragging and dropping. Once installed, SendGenie adds a dropzone widget to your desktop which you can hide and unhide via the system tray icon. When you want to zap a file to a friend, just drag it onto the dropzone (yes, the wizard hat that you see above). Your file will be added to a send queue, and you can then choose the people you want to send the file (or files) to.

SendGenie also supports contact groups, so you can build a list for your department at work, your family, or your clan mates for easy mass sharing. You can also send clipboard contents -- like screenshots -- by tapping the Paste button in the main window and naming your clip. Once uploaded, your contacts will receive an email with a link to a page from where they can download your files. Friends running SendGenie on their desktop can choose to automatically receive files you send -- they'll appear in Documents\Me SendGenie\Your Email Address\Inbox\.

The app can optionally auto-resize photos you share, but there are no settings you can tweak. We'd like to see that option added before the final release, but SendGenie is still a very slick, easy-to-use desktop app for sharing files with your contacts.

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