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Hotmail's Facebook Chat feature now available worldwide

Facebook Chat inside Hotmail
In September of last year, Microsoft first announced support for Facebook Chat in Hotmail, along other major updates. But since then, Facebook Chat has only been available in Hotmail in six regions. That changes today: now, in every country that has Facebook, Hotmail users will be able to use Facebook Chat right in their email client.

Because, according to Microsoft, three out of four Hotmail users also have a Facebook account, this feature is expected to take off very quickly, and in a big way.

To use Facebook Chat inside Hotmail, you first have to connect your Facebook account to Windows Live. Then make sure that "Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger" is checked so that your consent will be registered with Facebook. After that, your accounts will be linked (in a few minutes). When that's finished, you can start a chat from within Hotmail just by clicking on the name of a Facebook contact. If for some reason this doesn't immediately work, sign out of Hotmail, then sign in again and all should be well.

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