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Adult Swim app brings full episodes and games to iPad and iPhone

Adult Swim is brining its lineup of shows and games to the iPad and iPhone via a new, free app. The app lets you watch full episodes of Adult Swim favorites, including Venture Brothers, Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and it also serves as a dashboard for Adult Swim games.

Many of the games are paid apps -- usually priced at a reasonable 99 cents -- which is the same price you'd pay for them as standalone apps anyway. Adult Swim's most popular iPhone game, Robot Unicorn Attack, is of course part of the lineup. And just so you have no excuse to bother closing the Adult Swim app, there's also a clock, a calculator and weather info.

There are additional easter eggs to find, and more feature updates on the way, but Adult Swim's app is already a must-have for fanboys and casual viewers alike, especially because it's available for free.

Adult Swim iOS App Screenshots

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