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First Opera 11.10 "Barracuda" snapshot available for download

Swarthy surfers, you can now take Barracuda for a test swim! The first snapshot build of Opera 11.10 is ready to download, bringing with it a handful of network interoperability tweaks and Web Open Font Format support. Opera's Core has also received a minor version bump, though apart from the network and font changes the update is mostly about bugfixes (and there were plenty).

Opera has promised to add some special sauce to one "popular feature," but we don't think it's been poured on in this first snapshot. When we asked Opera's Thomas Ford if he could provide any additional insight, he told us "What I can say is that the enhancement we alluded to is definitely a feature that already exists in Opera, and is one of our most popular. Beyond that I can't say, but do expect a snapshot soon for people to start checking out."

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