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OpenFeint announces OpenFeint Connect cross-platform gaming API

openfeint connect
Before Apple introduced Game Center, iOS gamers got their scores and rankings fix from OpenFeint. Don't count OpenFeint out, though: the company now boasts 65 million users, and it's about to launch a cross-platform service called OpenFeint Connect that will let gamers on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, OS X and Windows compare scores. Even Facebook games could potentially connect to OpenFeint. This move makes a ton of sense, considering the way successful iOS games like Angry Birds have been ported to Android, Mac and Windows.

OpenFeint Connect is in private beta now, allowing developers on any platform to tap into OpenFeint's APIs for social gaming. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean cross-platform simultaneous play, but does mean that game devs will be able to push news and updates to all their players at once, and players will be able to compete for high scores against their friends on other platforms.

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