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MetroTwit v5 packs more features into the slick Windows Twitter app

MetroTwit was one of our favorite new Windows apps of 2010, and the first updates in 2011 have added even more functionality to the already slick Twitter program. For starters, several new URL shortening services have been added, including There's also TwitLonger support for updates you just can't cram into that 140-character limit.

While some users may enjoy MetroTwit's autocomplete and spell check functions, others may not -- so options have been added to disable both in your MetroTwit settings. You can even utilize Proxlet to block unwanted noise from your Twitter stream.

MetroTwit has matured rapidly, and might just be the best Windows Twitter app out there right now, as long as you only need to monitor a single account. It is still considered a beta, though, so don't be totally surprised if you experience the odd bug. MetroTwit is also now available on FileHippo, one of our favorite places to download Windows software. Well done, MetroTwit crew!

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