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Firefox F1 social sharing add-on gets vertical UI, big sharing tweaks

Mozilla Labs has posted another update to its F1 social sharing add-on for Firefox. Right off the bat, you'll notice a new vertical UI has replaced the full-width horizontal look of previous versions -- and rather than rudely shunting everything out of the way, F1 floats above your current Web page in a Firefox 4'ish notification box.

F1 now lets you share with your LinkedIn contacts, Twitter support has been improved with the addition of direct messages, and you can now post to a group wall on Facebook. Mozilla has also added a thumbnailed image of pages you share via Gmail to the F1 email template.

It's not all wine-and-roses with the new F1 release, however. Mozilla has announced that support for Firefox 3.6 has been dropped, and the new F1 also requires a restart when you install it (we liked the fact that the original was restart-free). Still, the new version of F1 is cleaner, faster to load, and provides a smoother sharing experience.

Mozilla has also posted a demo video to show you what F1 is all about -- check it out after the break!

Download F1 for Firefox 4

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