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Winamp forums attacked, accounts and email addresses exposed

Winamp Hacked
[Full disclosure: AOL is the parent company of both Winamp and Download Squad]

Hackers have broken through security protecting the Winamp forum database, compromising the user forums, exposing accounts and email addresses in the process. In a post on the company's forum, Winamp's General Manager, Geno Yoham, explained that an attack was quickly detected and isolated to the Winamp forum database, protecting the rest of the Winamp sites and communities. The developer portal,, and accounts associated with the Winamp Desktop Media Player were unaffected.

Winamp is urging anyone who could have been affected to change their forum password, which is good advice regardless of whether or not you think your account might have been breached. They're also advising that if you happen to have reused your Winamp forum password on any other sites, that you change those login details too. It's a poor, yet common, practice to reuse the same login details across several different sites, making a breach of one lead to many compromised accounts across many different sites.

Winamp has apologized for any inconvenience this has caused and is putting additional security measures and procedures in place in an attempt to prevent a similar breach occurring in the future.

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