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Kindle for iOS updated with real page numbers and new progress indicators

Amazon's Kindle eBook app for iOS devices just got an update to version 2.6, which adds some minor (but useful!) features. You can now view the actual page numbers of thousands of Kindle books -- which correspond to the physical editions -- making it easier to cite passages or jump from screen to paper without losing your place.

And speaking of finding your place in a book, Kindle for iOS 2.6 has added two new ways to see how far along you are. Progress meters now appear below each book listing in your Kindle library, so you can see at glance how much you've read. The iPhone version of the app also adds a "percentage complete" indicator that you can view while reading.

Finally, you can also make Google and Wikipedia searches from within Kindle. No more interrupting your reading so you can jump to Safari to look up a word or a bit of background!

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