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Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 (and a 3D version!) confirmed

A mobile platform just isn't a mobile platform without Angry Birds nowadays. While its absence from the Marketplace might not be your biggest gripe about Windows Phone 7, we're fairly certain users are nevertheless peering enviously at their friends' iOS, Android, and webOS devices.

Your wait may be coming to an end soon, however. Pocket Lint has confirmed that Rovio is indeed bringing Angry Birds to Windows Phone 7. If you recall, Microsoft jumped the gun and showed off the game's icon on the Windows Phone 7 site back in October of 2010.

Rovio also said that a 3D version of the game is coming -- as in one which is built for a 3D displays, not just 3D graphics on a 2D screen. Unfortunately, Pocket Lint wasn't able to confirm release dates for either the Windows Phone 7 or 3D version of Angry Birds.

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