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SeaMonkey 2.1 beta 2 introduces Sync, DoNotTrack, Personas and more

The SeaMonkey all-in-one Internet application suite is making steady progress to a 2.1 release, with beta 2 rolling off the presses yesterday. While they insist that the 2.1 beta 2 update is still 'intended for testers only,' it comes packing a fair few additions to the SeaMonkey armory bringing it more inline with current Firefox implementations. Here's what's changed since 2.1 beta 1:
  • The new Data Manager is now invoked instead of the previous separate management windows when needed.
  • Sync has been added allowing browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, preferences and tabs to be synchronised between machines just like Firefox.
  • DoNotTrack has been added as a Privacy & Security preference.
  • Persona support (themes) has been implemented for Address Book, Composer, and MailNews.
  • WebGL and D3D have been enabled for where needed and supported.
  • Dramatic improvement in start-up speed.
If you're a SeaMonkey user and you haven't tried 2.1 yet, beta 2 certainly adds a few desirable features. So, if you're ready to take the plunge, then head on over to the SeaMonkey website to get your download on.

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