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Opera and Qualcomm partner to bring better Web browsing to millions on Brew

Opera has announced yet another integration deal with a major OEM. This time, it's with chip maker Qualcomm which will begin shipping the Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5 browsers as part of its Brew platform for mobile phones. Qualcomm calls the partnership "a perfect match, saying "With its cross-platform technology, renowned performance, superior standards compliance and small size, Opera gives users a faster, safer and more dynamic online experience than much of its competition."

Despite the growing popularity of smartphones and superphones, there are still tens of millions of people purchasing less expensive feature phones -- many of which run Qualcomm's chips and the Brew platform.

While Opera and Qualcomm don't know exactly how many new users will be reached, Opera's Thomas Ford told us "Qualcomm ships tens of millions of chipsets every year. We expect a substantial number of their OEMs and ODMs to ship Opera Mini with their devices." Opera Mini recently crossed the 100 million user mark, and we don't doubt the Qualcomm deal will help that number grow significantly.

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