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NeverNote is a full-featured Evernote app for Linux, Mac, and Windows

Windows and Mac users have a first-party Evernote app, but Linux users have been limited to running Evernote in WINE or using the Web interface. NeverNote, however, offers a full-featured desktop app which runs natively on 32- and 64-bit Linux distros.

In addition to covering the basics, NeverNote offers a number of features you won't find in Evernote's desktop app. Multiple databases are supported (and each can have a different username and password), databases can be encrypted, images within notes can be rotated, an existing note can be copied to a new note, note titles can be edited, inline PDF display is offered, and you can set NeverNote to auto-sync when you close the app. As Andrew at WebUpd8 notes, there are a few missing features -- like recording webcam notes, drawing ink notes, sharing, and built-in screen clipping. NeverNote also currently sends emails in plain text.

Need some help getting started with NeverNote? Its developer has shared -- what else? -- an Evernote notebook full of handy information. And while the primary goal goal of NeverNote is to provide Linux users with a quality, native Evernote app, Windows and Mac builds are available for download as well.

Download NeverNote for Linux, Mac, or Windows

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