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Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 7 Kinect integration at MWC

Windows Phone 7 Kinect integration
Windows Phone 7 is set to combine with Kinect for some novel control elements for Xbox gaming. Microsoft has been pushing greater and greater device integration ever since the success of the Xbox platform. Windows Phone 7 has already been bestowed with Xbox Live integration, but now it seems as if Microsoft is trying to leverage its two newest technologies to bring together some intriguing gaming possibilities.

Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore, who heads Windows Phone Program Management, unveiled a technical demonstration of WP7 Kinect integration at MWC. The video (included after the break) showed off a WP7 device being used to control some elements of the gaming action. While the video is showing real code and something Microsoft is genuinely working on in the lab, don't get your hopes up for an imminent release; according to Cnet, it's not something that's going to be delivered within 2011.

An exciting prospect indeed, and while what we saw in the video isn't coming to a WP7 device near you any time soon, that doesn't mean we won't see more device and service hook-ups coming out of Redmond in the near future.

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