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djtxt: Collaborative Grooveshark music playlists via SMS, Twitter and email

Fresh from the fragrant and bohemian confines of the New York 2011 Music Hack Day comes djtxt, a surprisingly awesome Web app that lets you collaborate on the perfect Grooveshark party music playlist.

All you have to do is run the djtxt 'client' (which is just a matter of opening Grooveshark and clicking a bookmarklet) on a computer that's attached to some (preferably loud) speakers. Anyone can then SMS, tweet or email to add songs to the playlist. It's surprisingly easy and it works really well! Songs are added within a few seconds of an email or tweet being received by the djtxt robot -- we didn't test SMS, but presumably it's just as fast.

If you want to see it in action, just follow the first two steps on the djtxt website, then follow the instructions on the Grooveshark page. We'll be listening to the demo playlist in the Download Squad bunker, so feel free to entertain us with your choice of funky beats! If you like what you see (hear?), set up your own djtxt party, turn the volume up to 11, and rock on. Incidentally, if there's a song that you don't like, you can even send djtxt a 'skip' message -- but you can only do it once every 20 minutes!

If you're at work and unable to test it out, there's a video demonstration after the break.

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