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Windows Phone 7 update to bring Twitter and SkyDrive integration, webOS style multitasking

The way webOS handles task switching -- via its card interface -- is one of my favorite features of Palm/HP's mobile OS. Microsoft seems to like it, too, at least that's what we assume since the Windows Phone 7 multitasking update will bring a very similar experience. In the image above, you can see a zoomed-out display of all currently running apps, which you'll be able to flick through and tap to switch. Microsoft initially omitted this kind of multitasking due to battery concerns, but say that's no longer an issue.

Windows Phone 7 users will also be receiving full-featured Twitter and SkyDrive integration, and, of course, Internet Explorer Mobile 9 (check the images in the gallery). All the goodness is set to arrive "later in 2011."

Windows Phone 7 late 2011 update

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