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Digg bans RSS feed submissions to decrease spam

DiggDigg's unpopular version 4 redesign last summer has put a big damper on the site's traffic, but the Digg team has come around and started to make changes that are helping to bring users back. The latest smart move: banning RSS feed submissions. No longer can every single post from a site be auto-submitted to Digg via RSS.

According to Mashable, Digg's product manager, Mike Cieri, just informed publishers that only 4.5% of the Top News stories on Digg were coming from RSS submissions. The numbers indicated that most submitted feeds were basically a whole lot of spam, and that f iltering the spammers was draining Digg's resources. Plus, when stories were submitted automatically via a feed, it took away Digg users' opportunities to submit the stories themselves. The obvious solution was to shut off the feed feature altogether.

Hopefully, this will lead to a resurgence of good content and user interest on Digg, and help the site become more relevant going forward.

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