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Anonymous posts decompile of Stuxnet worm

Stuxnet is one of the more infamous worms we've read about in recent times, and it now appears that the rapscallions who are Anonymous have gotten hold of a copy of the Stuxnet code. Stuxnet, for those who aren't aware, drove attacks which crippled Iran's nuclear program. The code was pilfered from HBGary Federal after CEO Aaron Barr poked the beehive one time too many -- along with more than 70,000 corporate emails.

Anonymous have now posted a decompile of the Stuxnet code for all to see, though whether or not the group has any plans for the worm itself remains to be seen. At present, Anonymous is more focused on publicizing the HBGary emails and shedding light on some of the company's seedier dealings -- which included an offer to sell a botnet.

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