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Facebook Pages redesign now available, takes effect for everyone March 10

Facebook has overhauled Facebook Pages for 2011, so you should be noticing a new look and some new features. If you're a Facebook page admin, you've also got some work to do. On March 10, everyone will be upgraded to the new version of Facebook Pages, but page admins can preview the new layout now, and opt in early.

Here's what the new Facebook Pages has to offer:

Notifications: You'll can now get Facebook notifications and email notifications when fans post or like something on your page.

Use Facebook as your page: Pages now work a lot more like personal accounts. You can like other people's posts and post on walls and other pages as your page. Each page will also have get a news feed, and mutual friends and interests will appear to anyone who views a page while logged in.

Left-side Tab Bar: Navigation has moved to the left side of the page, and admins can use the sidebar to feature specific admins of the page, or to feature other, related pages.

"Everyone" Wall Filter: People viewing a page will be able to view posts by that page or posts by everyone, and the new smart filter will push the most interesting stories to the top. Admins can also sort posts by most recent and see hidden posts.

Featured Photos: Like individual Facebook accounts, Facebook Pages now feature their five most recently published photos at the top of the page.

You should see the new layout popping up all over the place in the next couple of days, as page admins start upgrading.

[Incidentally, if you're not a fan of Download Squad on Facebook, you don't know what you're missing out on. -Ed]

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