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Echofon 4 hits iPhone and iPad, adds user streams and media viewer

Echofon is one of the most popular third-party Twitter clients for iOS devices -- and it just got a big update, mere weeks after being acquired by UberMedia. Echofon 4 adds some valuable new features, including real-time tweets (via Twitter's user streams API) and inline photo and video previews.

Echofon 4 also has global push notifications, so users who were sticking with the official Twitter for iPhone just for that feature can now give Echofon another shot. The ability to mute users is another useful addition, and it's something Twitter for iPhone still doesn't offer.

Echofon comes in ad-supported and paid flavors, and the paid version offers syncing across Echofon's various platforms (iPhone, iPad and desktop).

Echofon 4 for iPhone and iPad Screenshots

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