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Yahoo! announces Livestand news app for iPad and Android tablets

Yahoo! has just announced Livestand, an app for iPad and Android tablets that puts the company squarely in the middle of the current trend toward multimedia-centered digital news. Livestand's pitch is personalization and local news, but Yahoo!'s focus at this stage is on roping in publishers and advertisers. Yahoo! wants publishers to use Livestand as a platform to distribute their content across the tablet market, and it envisions ads that are "personalized and in context -- just like our content."

That doesn't tell us much as potential end-users for the app, although we know it will draw from existing Yahoo! content, including news, sports, finance and the all-important Flickr. The screenshots thus far are pretty, with a clean layout and huge images, but it's still too early to decide whether Livestand is going to fly or flop in the growing tablet market.

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