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Songbird 1.9 adds 7digital store and Mac CD ripping

Songbird has just released a new version of its desktop media player, and there are some key feature additions. Mac users who have been waiting for integrated CD ripping, your prayers have been answered -- it's included in Songbird 1.9! There's also a new music store built-in. Like Winamp, Songbird has tapped 7digital to provide its users with a catalog of downloadable MP3s. The store is offered as an add-in when you install Songbird, and it will also offer personalized recommendations when you click on Smart Picks.

There's also a handy new play queue feature, which allows you to drag-and-drop songs and albums for on-the-fly playlist building. Windows and Mac users can download Songbird 1.9 here, and while it's not officially supported the Linux version is available for download on the contributed builds page.

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