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HP webOS 3.0 gets a video store, powered by Roxio

Yesterday saw a flurry of webOS unveilings from HP, from new hardware to a previously unseen version of webOS for tablets. They also finally dispelled any doubt about whether webOS would find its way onto HP PCs -- and it will, later this year.

But the reveals weren't all about hardware and software -- content played an important role as well. Amazon's Kindle app was demoed on the TouchPad, as was a slick offering from Time Inc. But with that dual-core processor and four times as much RAM as an iPad under the hood, the TouchPad can handle more than reading.

Which is why HP has tapped Roxio -- which has been a fixture on HP desktops and laptops for years -- for a video store in webOS 3.0. Users can watch trailers and rent, or buy titles -- but that's about all that has been revealed so far. We'll assume the actual playback will be handled by the webOS video player, but as the TouchPad gets closer to an actual launch we'll no doubt get a more in-depth look at Roxio's app and how it works.

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