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Sushi Cat 2 is a fantastically fun feline feeding frenzy follow-up

Sushi Cat was one of the most addictive Time Wasters I played last year, both on my desktop and my iPod touch. Now, thanks to the the crew at Armor Games, there's now a sequel to the cat vs. sushi Pachinko-style madness. Sushi Cat 2 is every bit as addictive as the original, and it's also got some fun new tweaks.

One thing I noticed right off is that your plus-size kitty no longer gets wedged between two objects. He'll automatically scale down slightly to slip through after a few seconds. Another addition is golden sushi, which you can gobble up to earn new costumes for Sushi Cat. Wardrobe options include a pirate, ninja, clown, and even the elephant (which you won't unlock until late in the game).

There's still power-up sushi to eat, too, which enable things like soy sauce bombs, supermarket sweep mode, and pinball flippers (in true Pachinko fashion). Like the original, Sushi Cat 2 also allows you to save your progress -- so you're free to quickly close that private browsing session at work and return to your game later on.

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