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Skype for iPhone now supports video calls to Skype-enabled TVs

Users of the Skype iPhone app can now install an update which enables video calling to Skype contacts on more devices, including Skype-enabled TVs. While there still aren't a ton of sets which support the popular voice and video chat app, Skype really only began sidling its way into the living room last year -- so expect more models to appear in 2011.

Here's hoping that Skype hurries up and updates its Android app with video call support as well. With Qik in tow, it shouldn't be too much longer before the company invites non-iPhone users to the party.

If the thought of Skype on your TV has the gears turning, head on over to their website to see available models from Panasonic and Samsung -- you can even buy one directly from Skype, along with the required webcams.

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