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Skitch Plus now available as free upgrade for former Skitch Beta users

Back in December, we posted a review of the shiny new Skitch 1.0, and part of that was a small bit of lamenting over the fact that once proud beta-testers were suddenly left with the choice of either paying for a subscription to Skitch Plus, or simply losing some of the nicer parts of their favorite screenshot app for Mac.

Luckily, that choice was somewhat short-lived, as former users of Skitch Beta can now simply go to, log in, and click to redeem an offer that will automatically grant their accounts one full year of Skitch Plus. After that, it's as easy as restarting the actual Skitch app and going about your business as usual.

To recap, Skitch Plus brings with it a veritable plethora (that's right, plethora) of added functionality that the free version of Skitch lacks; things like the option to save in several useful file-formats, snap screenshots of a full-length webpage by simply inputting the URL, and the ability to use any installed system font for inserted text.

So, if you were one of the many loyal Skitch users who lost their goodies the moment the beta-tag fell off, then today's your lucky day. If you happen to be one of the beta users who've already upgraded to Skitch Plus, your account will get credited with even more subscription time. Not a bad deal at all, and it's certainly one of the nicer ways I've seen a company thank its long-time users.

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