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Kindle, Skype, and Time magazine subscriptions coming to webOS devices

HP TouchPadBesides the previously-unseen webOS 3.0 and introducing new hardware in the form of a tablet and two smartphones, HP had some other gems under its sleeves at today's Think Beyond event. Taking center stage at the event was HP's new TouchPad, its first webOS tablet.

There was more on display than hardware of course. We now know the TouchPad will get an official Amazon Kindle application, that, like all other Kindle apps, will deliver the books you've purchased from Amazon via its Whispernet sync system. All the features you'd expect are there, including rendering text and color images, and a neat page turning animation. The Kindle app will naturally be free and will allow Amazon to stay true to its "buy once, read everywhere" stance.

Also coming to the TouchPad is an official Skype application that support video calls -- and presumably voice calls and instant messaging as well. The Skype app may come preinstalled on the TouchPad.

Last, but not least, HP has unveiled a partnership with Time Inc. that will bring magazine subscriptions to the first webOS-powered tablet. The first magazines that you'll be able to subscribe to on the TouchPad are Sports Illustrated, Time, and People. Fortune and other Time Inc. titles will follow later on. There's no info on pricing yet, but subscribing to the print magazine will get you full access to the tablet version. HP promises they'll deliver an "immersive reading experience," and we'll see in a few months whether they've done so or not.

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