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Immunet 3.0 antivirus debuts, brings ClamAV integration for offline protection

One shortcoming of previous versions of Immunet Protect -- the upstart cloud antivirus recently added to the Google Pack -- was that it needed to be plugged into the cloud in order to provide meaningful protection. That's not a big minus since most of us are online 24-7, but with Immunet's acquisition by Sourcefire it became important to address the needs of network administrators. And administrators often pull the network plug when they suspect an infection has been found, which makes the cloud rather hard to access.

With the release of Immunet 3.0, however, that has changed: Sourcefire's ClamAV is now part of Immunet's defensive weaponry. On a new install, Immunet will offer itself straight-up, or you can choose the Immunet + ClamAV pairing. With ClamAV bolted on, your system always has access to current definitions and can detect and remove infections even when offline. Another very cool feature is that Immunet 3.0 supports custom definitions using its built-in signature configuration tool. That means if you've got the know-how you can add your own detection scripts.

Immunet Protect and Immunet Protect with ClamAV are both totally free, and Immunet Protect Plus will run you $39.95 for two years of protection on three computers (or $19.95 for one/one). Existing users who upgrade can activate ClamAV protection on the program's settings page.

Immunet Protect anvitirus version 3.0 screenshots

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