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HP Think Beyond announcements: webOS 3, webOS for PC and more

HP's Think Beyond event brought big announcements galore for webOS users. For one thing, webOS devices will no longer carry "Palm" branding, so you'll have to get used to running webOS on your new HP Pre 3 or HP Veer. And then there's the actual software! webOS 3 was quietly announced for the upcoming TouchPad tablet, and Think Beyond closed with a real showstopper: webOS will be running on PCs by the end of the year!

When HP announced the TouchPad tablet, they also let slip that it will run webOS 3, a previously unseen build. Meanwhile, HP phones will get webOS 2.2. Both versions of the OS will be compatible with a new Touchstone Touch-to-Share feature that allows users to transfer anything from media files to texts and calls from a phone to a tablet. Apart from its redesigned, tablet-sized UI, webOS 3 also appears to include a new email app, new pop-up notifications and integration with HP's existing Synergy calendar/email manager.

As for webOS for PC, there aren't many details to reveal yet. HP says it will adapt webOS for PCs, printers and "some form factors you haven't seen before." I'll take some webOS-powered appliances, please!

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