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Linpus Lite tablet-optimized Linux OS gets hands-on treatment (video)

While tablet hardware is capable of running a full desktop OS, the experience often leaves something to be desired. Most desktop OSes are still designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse, and you're not likely to attach either to a tablet while you're riding a bus to work.

Linpus offered a full Linux distro for quite some time, and now they're offering a tablet-optimized interface for MeeGo. Carrypad scored some time with the slate-friendly Linpus Lite, and we've posted the video after the break. The new release offers full multitouch support, slick-looking media player and e-book reader apps, as well as media sharing and video chat features. Linpus Lite will be on display at Mobile World Congress soon, so our man Vlad may have additional insights to offer next week.

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