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Kindle update brings real page numbers, public notes, and new magazine layout

Amazon KindleThe latest generation Amazon Kindle e-book reader is about to receive a software update over-the-air that will add quite a few interesting features. Chief among those is what's probably been the most requested feature from Kindle owners: real page numbers. These match the numbers in printed books and have already been added to tens of thousands of books, including the Top 100 best selling books in the Kindle Store. The page numbers show up alongside Amazon's 'locations' system, which until now was exclusively used to figure out your reading progress. Real page numbers will be available for Amazon's Kindle apps in the next few months.

Also in the update is support for public notes. This lets Kindle owners choose to make their notes and highlights publicly available. A 'following' system has been implemented here, akin to that pioneered by Twitter: you can follow different Kindle users' public notes. To do that, as well as turn on Public Notes in your own books, go to

Newspapers and magazines have received a new layout that gives you a quick snapshot of the news to help you quickly decide what you want to read.

When you reach the end of a book, you can now immediately rate that book, thanks to a new Kindle feature called Before You Go. This will also let you share your thoughts about the book, see more books by the same author, and get personalized recommendations for what to read next.

The 3.1 software update will be pushed to all latest generation Kindle and Kindle 3G devices soon. However, if you want, you can manually install it right now by downloading the Early Preview Release from here.

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