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Instagram and PicPlz both launch APIs, and PicPlz adds analytics

In the mobile photoblogging space, Instagram is the hot and trendy iPhone app of the moment. It faces competition from PicPlz, which doesn't have the same brand caché, but keeps beating Instagram to the punch on new features. PicPlz just launched a developer API mere hours before Instagram, and then followed that up with built-in analytics and Creative Commons support that Instagram doesn't offer.

While the analytics dashboard and the ability to add Creative Commons licensing to your photos put PicPlz a little bit ahead of Instagram in the feature war, PicPlz's real advantage is that it's on both Android and iPhone, while Instagram is still stuck in iPhone-only-land. The launch of Instagram's API should fix that pretty quickly, though. Some eager third-party developer can't be too far away from launching an Android Instagram client.

Of course, mobile platforms won't be the only beneficiaries of these new photo sharing APIs. The door is open for gorgeous web apps based on Instagram and PicPlz photo feeds.

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